Steps to a successful Motorola DAS

These is a generic process of a BDA/DAS project. Every deployment is unique and this list changes accordingly.

  1. DETERMINE AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) – Determine AHJ requirements and standards (NFPA-72, NFPA-1221, IFC, ICC)
  2. SITE SURVEY / BASELINE TESTING – Initial survey of floor plans, equipment locations, impairments
  3. PRELIMINARY DESIGN – RF link budgets, initial antenna and cable layouts, BOM’s, etc
  4. STATEMENT OF WORK – Project requirements are clearly defined
  5. RF SURVEY / CW TESTING – Perform interference & propagation measurements
  6. UPDATE DESIGN – Revise preliminary design & BOM based on results
  7. PRE-CONSTRUCTION SURVEY – Installer walk-thru to validate cable routes & equipment locations
  8. FINAL DESIGN – Revise based on changes to installation design, if necessary
  9. ORDER EQUIPMENT – Order and receive equipment
  10. INSTALLATION – Install cables, antennas, active equipment, and complete checklist
  11. COMMISSIONING – Verify RF & optical cable performance (if applicable), set system levels / gains, test
  12. SYSTEM ACCEPTANCE – Post install walk through with AHJ Fire Marshall to demonstrate compliance. Customer obtains CO (Certificate of Occupancy) from AHJ